Life is Beautiful (Three Floyd’s Alpha King and Gumballhead)

Life is Beautiful (Three Floyd’s Alpha King and Gumballhead)

That’s right, it’s been a long time, and it’s a two-for-one deal. Three Floyd’s brewery from Munster, Indiana doesn’t get as much attention on this blog as it should, and you can probably guess why — it doesn’t make it to New York! Beer trading culture has an interesting effect on small craft breweries in this way — if none of the beers really make it out of the region, it tends to be the “bigger” or “rarer” beers that get the most attention. Hence Three Floyd’s being known very well for it’s Dark Lord Stout (which I still have not had the pleasure of trying) but not very well known for it’s myriad other beers, including these two “session beers” that I’m enthusiastically inducting into the BDB “Life is Beautiful” Hall of Fame.

After trying an Alpha King, TF’s American Pale Ale that I got as an extra in a trade a while back, and reviewing the Double IPA, Dreadnaught shortly thereafter, I knew I had to get my hands on some more. I was introduced to the Gumballhead, after hearing a lot about the beer, and the bad ass cat that adorns the label (brazenly stolen and pasted above), at the Ommegang “Belgium Comes to Cooperstown” event, where Gumballhead was flowing from the tap and was easily one of the more popular beers there, amongst many greats.

So of course, having sampled the sweet nectar of these two session brews, I quickly arranged a trade with an amazing dude who lives in Chicago that likes Captain Lawrence beers as much as I like Three Floyd’s beers, — and the rest is history. Delicious, delicious, history. I recieved one six pack of each which I was careful to share as generously as I could, although many of the 12 became quick out of the bottle brews while brewing, right after work, or at band practice. Awesome.

Alpha King is an indredibly floral and delicious Pale Ale that keeps it balanced while pushing one of the headiest hop aromas I’ve ever experienced. There’s really solid malt in this beer, a sweet and almost bready base that supports the awesome bitterness and insanely complex nose. Lots of citrus, a little bit of pine, well shit I can’t even accurately describe it — the smell is amazing and must be experienced. A low alcohol session beer that is so flavorful and balanced that you can’t believe it. Obviously I’m not saying very much that’s original or even insightful about this beer — I tend to lose my words when I’m so in love with a beer. This is Life Is Beautiful — just drink it, don’t ask questions.

Gumballhead is an American wheat beer that pours a beautiful clear golden color and has the perfect amount of yeasty smells to keep it authentic. There is a formidable hop presence to this beer as well, which gives, with its bitterness and slight hop aroma, a nice American Craft twist on the classic wheat beer. Out of the bottle or into any kind of glass this beer will completely satisfy you and amaze you with how deep the flavors can get. I prefer this one on the colder side, as when it warms up it becomes a bit too much with the nose kicking you in the face (hm?) but for real, you can’t go wrong here. Grab as many of these as you can and drink them fresh like they want to be drank. And if you can get this on tap, I officially hate you!