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Beard or beer? Both!

Photo by When men care for hair, complex preparations (shampoo, balm and conditioner in one bottle) are popular. The desire for speed and efficiency of the procedure and grooming

What kind of alcoholic drink to buy in different countries

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Everyone has a friend for whom it is always difficult to choose a souvenir from a trip. In such a situation, a bottle of local alcohol becomes a lifesaver.

Beer is best brought from Germany and the Czech Republic. Only there this drink is rich and natural.

Liquor is best brought from Italy, where it has a pleasant aftertaste.

It is best to bring alcoholic tinctures from local herbs from Vietnam. Although the Vietnamese can drink beer or vodka while playing vesomienbac.

You will get the best whiskey in Ireland, and if you are lucky enough to stop by in England, grab gin.

Always read what alcohol to bring and be interested in the nuances of its production.

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